Can Skimming be stopped ??

Skimming, what is it ??

  This website outlines opportunities for making the ATM industry safer and more secure. Many ideas are free. The Banking industry can coordinate efforts to create a more comprehensive alarm and monitoring system. The Manufacturers can support their older equipment and incorporate a universal alarm into their equipment. A patent is offered for discussion and licensing is available to the manufacturers. ATM owners can economically upgrade their equipment to increase profits through customer confidence. There is nothing for sale here!!

  1. GUARD , ATM owners and manufacturers are constantly updating to newer machines. Older ATMs remain vulnerable to simple attacks upon customer data which, affects profits.

  2. MISSION , to coordinate an effort to stop ATM skimming. A Patent is offered to begin discussion and start a platform for monitoring fraud attempts and reducing loss.

  3. OPERATE , Identity theft can be slowed down through customer awareness and through banking education.

  4. ANTI , the present and proposed methods to stop skimming. One technique uses bug detectors. Others use unique card readers. How many offer retrofit alarm methods for the older models?

  5. SKIMMER , uses a wireless camera and a fraud card reader to collect customer data. The criminal then reproduces the card and steals money.

  6. UPDATE, Fuzzy logic can keep the alarm systems up to date. New ideas can slow down the losses for banking and business.

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