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    The ATM Guard is a patented two-part monitor, which detects the presence of a fraud device added to the vicinity of an ATM or other critical device. Using radio frequency and light detection, this monitor will detect a camera (watching the keypad) and any unauthorized recording device (card reader) and alert an existing alarm system. More in the 'Anti-' section. This device can be built for $100US to $300US and if there is possible merit, questions or suggestions, my fax # is 505 334 8366 and email at atmguard (at) If you are not concerned with ATM Skimming, or already have a solution, read no further, thank you for your time. I am not manufacturing units at this time (nothing is for sale).

    Bank and credit card (skimming) fraud costs consumers more than $2 billion annually. The present generation of card skimming introduces several forms of improved technology for video monitoring and card reading recording. Older radio transmitters used lots of power, but allowed the crook to remain out of sight and leave if there is discovery of the fraud devices. Future generations will be smaller, use recorders, cell phones and will require the banking and security agencies to maintain constant vigilance.

    Some Opportunities: for ATM manufacturers to support their own machines, for alarm/security companies to support the machines that the manufacturers wish to abandon, for banks who wish to reduce shrinkage to start a grassroots program for universal security of their data. More in the 'mission' section.

    Skimming Defined: A small, inexpensive device is placed onto an ATM, which will collect card and PIN information from an unsuspecting customer. More in the 'Skimming' section.

    The banking institution and ATM manufacturers are constantly updating and improving the customer services, however the older machines are not updated, but instead, get unloaded into an aftermarket, which will provide criminals with plenty of vulnerable machines. These ATMs could be retrofitted at reasonable cost, just as ALL machines were required to have the 3DES (triple encryption) installed. More in the 'operate and anti' section.

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